About Us

Who doesn't love Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll?!? We do and that's why we created this awesome and challenging adult party card game.
Growing up in Upstate New York, I played this game around a campfire at night while casually drinking. The game was played verbally and went A-Z with no winners, just laughs and fun.
Fast forward many, many years and it was Christmas Eve Day that I was drinking in a dive bar in Tribeca with my buddy and I suggested we should make this verbal game into a card game that we can play.
We spent 2 years testing and building the game to be the best adult party card game possible. Just 2 guys who were drinking some beers in a dive bar and bullshitting with an idea. The dive bar doesn't exist anymore and I am now located and selling the game out of Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!)
Below is the actual bar we decided to do this thing
Where it all begin, best card game ever
We hope you enjoy the game and have hours of fun and laughter!
~Joe aka Missionary Pete!