WARNING: "Dance fever" with Beyonce = 💀

Hey what's up?

Now before we get into this week's special 2-for-1 words for  Sex, Drugs, or Rock N Roll...

I want to make a public service announcement:

Hey, we here at SDR are all about having a good time.

But some drugs are no bueno beyond their slang terms for playing our fun game!

Two of the worst offenders:

Fentanyl & Heroin...

Hell, the two of those combined have taken out more musicians than can even be accounted for 😥 (pours out some whiteclaw)

But that doesn't mean we can't use the funny slang that our governmental agencies discover for them.

So this Friday, let's do a twofer of terms for these dastardly demon drugs, courtesy of...

This Week's 2-for-1 Words:

Dance Fever

Apparently, the DEA claims this is a street name for Fentanyl. But I'm pretty sure if you went to your friendly local dealer and asked to "score some Dance Fever" he would look at you like the biggest Narc in the world. Not to be confused with John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever...

Saturday Night Fever


I'm not sure how the famous R&B diva became the inspiration for a reference to heroin. She doesn't look like much of a junkie to me.


Before I knew about these, I thought having Dance Fever with Beyonce sounded like one of the best nights imaginable.

This kinda puts a damper on that one.

Oh well...story of my life.

Stay away from the hard stuff, kids.

Have a great weekend.

- Missionary Pete.


Let's Rock Out With Our 🐓 Out!

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