Sex, Drugs or Rock-N-Roll Games Friday Knowledge Drop

Happy Friday!

I heard one of the most legendary rock bands ever, Guns N Roses, is touring this summer. Our friends over at Jambase have their tour schedule here

Few bands define Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll more than GNR.

I'm glad Axl Rose and Slash were able to get back on the same page again.

Guns and Roses

So, anyhow, here's a weird thing about Axl Rose's name.

You probably know that's not his real name.

The infamous lead singer was born William Bailey back in Indiana. But when he hit L.A. and joined a band, he figured Bill Bailey didn't have much rock appeal.

So Axl Rose was born.

But this name is an anagram.


In case you don't know what an anagram is (or already started the weekend party and currently can't remember) it means a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another.

For example, the word "cinema" can be turned into "iceman" using the exact same letters.

So before I tell you the answer...

Can you figure out what other words can be made out of the letters in "Axl Rose?"

(pause while your remaining brain cells fire away...)

Ok, here's the answer:


Don't feel bad.

I didn't get it either.

But sure as sh*t, you can rearrange the same letters in "Axl Rose" and get "Oral Sex."
I wonder if he knew this beforehand...


This leads us into this week's funny phrase for funniness, courtesy of:

Sex, Drugs or Rock-N-Roll Adult Party Card Game

This Week's Word: Pork Snorkelling

Seeing as how we're on the topic of oral sex, why not uncover an awesome slang term for a BJ?

Imagine playing our fun-as-f*ck game SDR and you're on the letter P.

It's your turn.

You look someone dead in the eye and bust out "Pork Snorkeling."

Hilarities ensue.

Enjoy your weekend

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